Double Your Call Volume in 30 Days or Less Using Our Proven A.I. Sales System…

(WITHOUT hiring another setter, spending more money on ads, or changing a single step of your funnel)

The future is automated. Will you be a part of it?

  • Stop relying on ‘the grind’ to grow your business

  • Stop letting setters control your booked calls

  • Stop depending on motivation to keep your team performing

Join a new wave of entrepreneurs and let A.I. do all the heavy lifting for you.

How our A.I. Sales System works:

  • STEP 1:

    We build your pipeline and dial in your current funnels with the platform of your choice (FB, IG, YouTube...)

  • STEP 2:

    We follow up with A.I. and use it to double or triple your call volume without any extra human labor.

  • STEP 3:

    We scale your sales team by feeding them a never ending line of red-hot leads who are qualified and ready to close.

Why our A.I. Sales System works:

The average lead required 21 touch points to close.

If your business gets just 10 leads a day…

21 touch points x 10 leads x 30 days a month = 6,300 touch points per month

In order to close the most possible leads.

Your setters can’t handle that.

In reality…

Your setters probably only follow up with each lead 3-5 times.

Which leaves HUGE amounts of profits on the table.

But it’s not their fault.

Anyone who’s either been a setter, or tried training setters can tell you.

Setting is a horrible, unscalable job.

It’s digital ditch digging.

And human setters come with some serious problems when you try to scale.

Problem 1:

Anyone skilled enough to be a setter is also skilled enough to go do something else.

This is why setter turnover is so high.

No one ever stays a setter for years.

They move on as soon as there’s a better opportunity, leaving you with (yet another) hire to do.

Problem 2:

Anyone who IS a setter has inconsistent performance.

They’re human.

They have good days and bad days.

Sick days. Family emergencies. HR and payroll headaches.

The list goes on.

Problem 3:

Setters rely on motivation to keep going.

And motivation is NOT scalable!

At a certain point, more money doesn’t equal better results.

You can’t keep paying more money and getting better results from your setters.

Problem 4:

Human psychology.

Your closers like warm leads.

So do your setters.

Asking a setter to reach out to a 3…6… or 12 month old lead is almost impossible.

It’s a necessary task to close more leads…But NO ONE wants to do it.

Our A.I. solves all those problems.

Think of it like a CRM for your follow up.

It follows up better and more consistently than 95% of setters 95% of the time.

It’s not perfect…

But then neither are your setters!

And the thing that you setters can never do?

Follow up consistently and predictably - all day, every day.

✅ Allowing you to split test processes.

✅ Find weak links in your funnel.

✅ And maximize your profits with just a few clicks.

More importantly…

My A.I. lets you scale without depending on NEW leads.

Ad costs are always rising.

Platform policies are constantly getting more strict.

And it’s getting harder and hard to scale on the front end with new leads.

If your business depends on NEW leads to generate calls and sales…

There are only 3 ways you business can go.

Something changes to your preferred platform, and suddenly you can't run ads anymore?

Game over.

Ad costs continue to go up, you lose your margins?

Game over.

A new competitor or technology comes in and you can't compete?

Game over.

Depending on new leads for calls and sales is a ticking time bomb UNLESS…

You start using A.I. to follow up with your existing leads!

On average, our clients see:

  • 2-5x more booked calls

  • 85-95% show up rate

  • All time high ROAS

  • LESS payroll costs

  • LESS time wasted trying to motivate your team

  • LOWER operating costs (without paying setter commissions)

  • MORE consistent lead flow

  • MORE sales

…from leads they ALREADY have!

The truth is, your existing leads are full of buyers who have cash and are ready to close…

...IF you followed up with them!

The data shows that only 1% of the people who opt-in right now, are actually ready to buy.

5% of the people who opt-in, can be closed with a "push."

And 95% of the people who opt-in, need a lot of nurturing and touch-points before they can be closed.

This is where our A.I. dominates the competition.

We've generated over $10,000,000 in cash-collected for our own business over the years…

And helped our clients generate much more than that in their businesses.

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From The Desk Of Josh Harris

March 2nd, 2023

It’s easy to believe the LIE that we’re supposed to work harder.

Especially when you’re a coach, consultant, agency, or service provider.

Work long hours.

Rise and grind.

Sacrifice everything that actually matters in life for the sake of your business.

The future isn’t “the grind”.

It can't be.

The grind simply isn’t sustainable for 99% of people.

Sure it works for the Jeff Bezos and Elon Musks of the world…

But the truth is…

Most people don’t WANT to be them!

You don’t need a 100 BILLION dollar company to have everything you want in life.

You need a business that does 5-100 million with HIGH LEVERAGE so you have the time to actually enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Problem is…

You can’t get that leverage with "templates," and "appointment setters."

Templates aren’t adaptable and setters aren’t sustainable.

They’re a bandage fix for a broken business.

You know what IS high leverage and adaptable AND effortlessly scalable?


The future you started your business to find is on the other side of an A.I.-leveraged system.

One where your A.I. Sales System does 99% of the lead follow up for you.

But don’t take my word for it.

Check out what Dan Kennedy (who just got bought by Click Funnels) has to say about it in Chapter 4 of Relentless Follow Up.

"... Salespeople are negligent and lousy at follow-up.

They are lazy about it and resist it because they don’t actually believe in it.

If you depend on humans doing your selling, you’ll drift to depending on salespeople to do follow-up; they won’t, and that leaves your business fragile."

Like it or not…

The people with systems in place to follow up with their leads automatically, will be lethal in this next generation of business owners.

And the people without these systems will get overtaken and lose their revenue to people who DO HAVE these systems in place.

It's a hard reality to face, but it's coming much sooner than most people realize.

We've reached a point in society where people no longer want to work hard and long hours.

That includes your setters and closers.

They've all dabbled in side hustles like crypto, stocks, etc.

And they're all convinced that making $10,000 a month or less, working for someone else, isn't good enough for them anymore.

If you hire human setters, you will ALWAYS be competing with their side projects and other interests… while falling behind your competition!

> Good appointment setters jump at the first opportunity to become closers.

> Good closers jump at the first opportunity to make more commissions elsewhere.

> Neither group is as motivated as it once was a few years ago.

To 98% of setters, making money online is no longer novel.

They’ll leave their jobs to find roles with higher leverage.

(See the parallel?)

Here’s the solution:


Stop relying on appointment setters to build your pipeline! (Most churn in their first 1-3 months)


Start relying on systems that can convert, nurture, deliver content to, and schedule your leads.


Scale your sales team and feed them more opportunity, using your systems to deliver appointments and provide you with a tight feedback loop.

Ok I’m done making that point.

Right now you’re probably wondering…

How does A.I. work and why can't you just use another, cheaper system/software?

Our A.I. simulates real human interaction (not just chat bot functionality) and it can work your leads at a rate of 4x+ compared to your best appointment setters.

The entire approach is software agnostic, meaning it can either plug-into or replace your current software, systems, and processes.

If you have something that works, we won't ask you to abandon it.

We'll show you where to plug our approach and A.I. in so you can get fast results in a matter of days.

And if you don't have something that works, we have the experience to help you mold your offer into one of our $10,000,000 conversation funnels.

Meaning this will work for you if:

✅ You have to build a pipeline to grow your business

You have to follow up with leads to grow your business

OR you have to build a sales team to grow your business

This is why your competition is about to be worried:

A.I. Sales Systems started working on Conversational Marketing in 2021 and refined our approach with over 100+ clients in dozens of unique industries.

We know each industry has a unique style that it should use to communicate with its leads.

And we know how to set up our A.I. to perfectly match the way your industry communicates.

No one else in this industry has as much experience as we have using Conversational Marketing to convert leads.

And when you join us…

You’ll have better and more efficient follow up than your competition could ever dream of.

And when it comes down to your leads working with you or your competition…

They’ll choose the person who has followed up the best.

Ie. You.

I know that because in the last year, we've used our A.I. to send over 100,000,000 messages…

7,800,000 emails…

And generate $10,000,000 in ADDITIONAL revenue for our clients.

That’s the power of conversational and relentless A.I. follow up.

It's engaging.

It’s dynamic in nature.

It makes your leads/prospects feel special.

It’s adaptable to feedback and responses from your leads.

It knows how to say the right thing at the right time.

And most importantly, it just flat out works.

You don’t have to be a tech genius to use it.

You don’t have to learn a whole new language or program.

(In fact, if you can log into your CRM you’ve got what it takes to leverage our A.I.)

Most of our clients see an immediate increase in scheduled appointments…

It takes about 30 more days for our A.I. to learn your more difficult conversations…

And my team will be there every step of the way to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

If you’re ready to let our A.I. Sales System double your call volume in the next 30 days...

Then click the button below.

I’ll see you there.

Josh Harris, Owner

A.I. Sales Systems

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